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Why laws are the major culprit in Corruption

Today a major part of the business hub of Bangalore – the Chickpet / Balepet and other nearby areas were closed voluntary to show solidarity with the Anna Hazare campaign. Loosing business hurts everyone and if some one is doing it voluntarily, it… Continue reading

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Back to the Future – Hypothetical thoughts

Consider the following scenario. By a quirk of fate, you are for a few moments sent to 2021 (1 Decade ahead). Being a finance person, your first instinct is to get a Finance Almanac to take a look at Nifty as well as other asset class such as Gold… Continue reading

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Shit hits the fan – US downgrade & its aftershocks

In a sudden and dramatic move, one of the Top 3 rating agency, Standard & Poor downgraded the US from AAA to AA+. This at a time when the other two rating agencies, Moody and Fitch, had for the time being re-affirmed the AAA rating. While theoreti… Continue reading

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