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Review of the markets in 2014

And so comes to a close the year 2014 which will be remembered for the fact that after 3 decades, India saw a party come to power in the Center with a majority on its own. Markets welcomed the move … Continue reading

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The lure of Real Estate Investing

Every now and then, I see some one claim that equities are a better bet compared to real estate. For a long time, I have been a believer in that idea. But the reason people invest in houses has to … Continue reading

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Linkfest for 31.12.2014

Chart of the Day – Last 10 year moves in CNX Nifty stacked up (Self) Paul Krugman | The Barack Obama recovery (LiveMint) ) How macroeconomics has changed since the crisis (VoxEU) How Not To Give Technical Analysis Advice (CKN)

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Last 10 years of #Nifty moves – Stacked in one chart

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Not a Clue!

Trend following is a methodology with a simple concept. Keeps (Buy) stocks that are going up, Exit (Sell) stocks that are going down. The tendency to sell winners too early and ride losers too long is referred to as the … Continue reading

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My thought on Net Neutrality

Over the last couple of days, I have come across a intense debate as to both the validity and the morality of Airtel to charge for calls made using 2G / 3G Networks (using apps like Skype, Viber and the … Continue reading

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Blood on the Street

The low risk opportunity arises when the herd is full of fear and hence valuations are cheap. Of course, the fear based opportunities for the market as a whole do not happen regularly nor is it possible to wait endless … Continue reading

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