The Truth About Investing

A good read.

Mortality Sucks

According to Buffett’s Alpha, one of the main reasons for Buffett’s success is, “he managed to stick to his principles and continue operating at high risk even after experiencing some ups and downs that have caused many other investors to rethink and retreat from their original strategies.”

Investors have an uncanny knack for underperforming whatever strategy they claim to be using. The reason is, regardless what method is used, the most critical variable in its success or failure is you. All investment strategies have discretionary and active elements which depend on the actions of a frail and faulty human being, and that human element contains the potential destruction for every investing strategy.

The truth about investing is this: If I gave 100 people the mythical Holy Grail of trading systems, one which could never have a losing year, very few of them would still be using it 10…

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